Bronze Quill Awards

If you wish to enter for the 2021 Bronze Quill Awards, we built a website dedicated to our entrants and award-winners:

The International Association of Business Communicators’ (IABC) Bronze Quill Awards recognize outstanding employee communications, public relations, media relations, community relations, government affairs and marketing communication efforts. The Tulsa Chapter’s Bronze Quill Awards is open to all communicators – members and non-members alike.

Gather your work samples and prepare your work plans. Bronze Quill 2021 is now closed for entries.

New this year, we’re introducing categories for COVID-19 and Diversity & Inclusion communications. We’ve also moved Social Media communications into the skills division.

Category 14-B: Covid-19 Response & Recovery Management And Communication

  • COVID-19-related programs targeted at external and/or internal audiences that address crisis, business continuity or issues or attitudes that have a significant impact on an organization, such as shuttering/re-opening businesses, furloughing/laying off staff, redesigning business operations
  • Programs may demonstrate both proactive planning and preventive action during the pandemic and/or show the actions taken to address trends, issues and interest group attitudes that have a major impact on an organization

Category 17: Diversity And Inclusion

  • Campaigns or programs of work aimed at building a culture of inclusion for an organization, with internal and/or external stakeholders
  • Entries must focus on the communication elements of D&I programs, which could include specific topic-based initiatives, special events or wider organizational strategies to advance D&I aims


Event Date: Summer 2021 TBD

In addition to our entry winners, we recognize three exceptional communicators. Nominate one of your peers. 

  • Communicator of the Year: Honors a member of the community for his or her contributions to the community through communications. This person is not a communicator by profession — but by passion.
  • Professional of the Year: Recognizes the outstanding achievements of an IABC member in his or her career, profession and community.
  • Rising Star: We will once again recognize a dynamic, young professional who has demonstrated outstanding ability and strong leadership within the communications profession.

Key Dates

  • Awards Celebration: Summer of 2021, Virtual or In-Person TBD
  • Timeframe of Eligible Work:
    • All eligible work must be implemented, published or broadcast between January 2019 and the day of submission. If a long-term strategy was developed prior to January 2019 and hasn’t previously been entered, it is eligible for entry. If you entered your work and didn’t win an award, you may revise and re-enter your project. Entries that have won in previous years may not be resubmitted.

    • Those submitting entries must have been directly involved in producing the materials entered. Improperly submitted entries may be disqualified.

For questions, sponsorship information or to nominate an individual for one of these awards, email or call Ashley Cleveland at 918-947-7251 or Noel Freeman 575-749-5733.

Congratulations to the 2020 Bronze Quill Winners

Add the IABC Bronze Quill Awards to the list of events that were drastically different from previous years. Rather than a large ceremony with dinner, drinks and dressing up, winners were announced virtually on the newly created 

This year, there were 30 Awards of Excellence and 16 Awards of Merit given. This year’s “Best of Show” winner, the entry with the highest total score, was awarded to Byers Creative for their entry “Stormwater Quality Group Brand Awareness Program.”

Awards of Excellence were presented to:

  • Becky Carver and Kathy Murphy of ONEOK for “Pioneer Field Museum”
  • Becky Carver, Jennifer Rector, Noël Freeman, Michelle Singer, Joshua Maxwell, Ellen Averill for “2019 Communicators Summit – The Future is Now” The H&P Communications Team for “Drive Safe,” “Our Way Forward, Together” “My H&P Way – Continuously improving 2-year-old intranet for 100-year-old company” and “Brand Evolution and Governance” 
  • Byers Creative won multiple awards for “Stormwater Quality Group Brand Awareness Campaign”
  • Cody Bromley, Darian Guinn, Emma Tedescucci and Kati Zumwalt of Enovation Controls for “Enovation Controls Supply”
  • Byers Creative and Tulsa Regional Chamber of Commerce won multiple awards for “Tulsa Regional Chamber Annual Meeting”
  • Catharine Brierre and Kathy Murphy of ONEOK for “Wells Fargo Investor Conference Video”
  • Susan Simpson, Paige Cole, Intent Productions of Williams for “Jack Crowder’s 50th Work Anniversary”
  • H&P Communication, HSE Teams and Safety Team won multiple awards for “Safe Driving Campaign: Bringing H&P’s Actively C.A.R.E. Goals to Life”
  • Nicole Nascenzi, Saxum and 10Up for “ Website Redesign”
  • ONEOK Communications and IT for “ONEOK Website”
  • Jessica Carthen and PSO Consumer Programs Team for “Power Forward with PSO Website Redesign,” “Save the Watts Campaign” and “Business Rebate Booklet”
  • Linde Oktoberfest Tulsa and Resolute PR for “Linde Oktoberfest Tulsa 2019”
  • Becky Carver and Megan Patterson of ONEOK for “ONEOK 2018 Annual Report”
  • Jackie Hill, Laura Raphael, Judy Webb of the Tulsa City-County Library for “Build A Reader FUN Booklet”
  • TCCL Public Relations for “2018 Fast Facts”
  • Tulsa International Airport for “TUL 2019 Media Kit”
  • Mi Cocina and Resolute PR for “Mi Cocina Influencer Brunch”
  • Micah Laney of Walmart for “30 Days of Good”

Awards of Merit were presented to:

  • Barbara Hasbini, Kasey St. John, Jimmie Hammontree and Intent Productions of Williams for “Environmental Stewardship: Richland Creek”
  • Corporate Communications and Creative Services of AAA Club Alliance for “The Alliance: 2018 Year in Review”
  • H&P Communications Team for “My H&P Way – Continuously improving 2-year-old intranet for 100-year-old company,” “TAUW Day of Caring,” “The H&P Store,” “Wellness Campaign” and “H&P Technologies Town Hall”
  • Natasha Mitchell of Family & Children’s Services for “Family & Children’s Services General Agency Social Media”
  • Ramon Cardiel, Jessica Neal, Jennifer Stevenson, Melissa Sandoval of FW Murphy | Econtrols for “Employee Healthcare Choices”
  • Resolute PR for “Tulsa Boat, Sport & Travel Show” 
  • TCCL Public Relations for “2018 Annual Report”
  • T.D. Williamson for “OneTDW, Employee-Driven Community Relations” and “Centennial Celebration #TDW100”
  • Trina Moore, Nita Bomar, Roger Aley of Enovation Controls for “Enovation Controls Read First Inserts”
  • Tulsa International Airport and TPC Studios for “TUL Takes U There”

To view samples from the winning entries listed above, visit

2019 Bronze Quill Winners:

The Tulsa chapter of the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC/Tulsa) recognized top local communications professionals on April 25, at the organization’s annual Bronze Quill Awards Ceremony. The event, attended by more than 100 people, was held in the Tandy Garden at the Central Library in downtown Tulsa.

Teryl Rose was named the 2019 Communicator of the Year for his passion and outstanding contributions toward creating a strong safety culture at ONE Gas in his role as Vice President of Environment, Safety and Health. Previous IABC/Tulsa Communicators of the Year include ONE Gas CEO, Pierce Norton, former TU coach Bill Self, former Tulsa mayor Susan Savage, former Williams CEO Keith Bailey, and most recently CEO of Tulsa City-County Library Kimberly Johnson.

Becky Carver, Supervisor of Communications at ONEOK, received the John Hartman Professional of the Year award. Carver was recognized by her peers for her exceptional leadership, professionalism and all-around dedication to everything she does.

For just the second year, IABC/Tulsa presented the Rising Star award to recognize a dynamic, young communications professional. This year, Kayla Swan, Communications Specialist at Helmerich & Payne, received the honor.

The Leon Bolen Service Award, which honors an IABC member’s volunteerism and support of IABC’s organizational goals, was awarded to Cindy Bolen  for her continued generosity and efforts to support our chapter.

The “Best of Show” Award, presented to the entry with the highest total score, was awarded to Beth Harris of Walmart for “The Scoop Internal Newsletter”.

In addition to these special awards, 43 Bronze Quill awards were given to local communications professionals for their exceptional work.

Awards of Excellence were presented to:

  • Kiley Roberson of the Tulsa City-County Library for “My Neighborhood Library”
  • Kathy Murphy and Erin Holland of ONEOK for “ONEOK FacilityConnect”
  • Kiley Roberson of the Tulsa City-County Library for “Summer Reading Program 2018”
  • Stephanie Higgins, Brittany Viuf, Becky Carver, Jason Wright and Erica May for “ONEOK’s Corporate Sustainability and ESG Report” – this entry won awards in both the Corporate Social Responsibility and Publications categories.
  • Byers Creative for “AIRIS Wellsite Services Website Development”
  • Cherokee Nation Businesses and Cherokee Nation for “”
  • Byers Creative for “Elite Workforce Management: Website Design”
  • Helmerich & Payne Communications for “My H&P Way: Launching a modern intranet for a 100-year-old company.” This entry won three awards, including two awards of excellence in the Digital Communication and Internal Communication categories as well as an award of merit in Employee Engagement.
  • ONEOK Corporate Communications Team for “ONEOK Email Update”
  • Byers Creative for “Tulsa Centerless Website Redesign”
  • June Pennell, Nicole Nascenzi and Outreach Experts of Williams for “WILLCO PAC Recruitment Campaign” – in addition to an award of excellence in Government Relations, this entry also won an award of merit in Internal Communication.
  • Tulsa City-County Library Public Relations Department for “Be All In”
  • Kelli Gebbia, Susan Simpson, Nicole Nascenzi and Saxum for Williams’ “#BringItWilliams” – in addition to an award of excellence in Marketing, Advertising and Brand Communication, this entry also won an award of merit in Social Media Programs.
  • OU-Tulsa Marketing & Communications for “OU Physicians South Opening”
  • Propeller Communications for “Flight Night Space Week”
  • Resolute PR for “Osage Casinos: Tulsa Grand Opening”
  • OU-Tulsa Marketing & Communications for “Professor Paws”
  • Walmart & Byers Creative for “Walmart’s 2018 Culture, Diversity and Inclusion Annual Report”
  • Erica May and Marquétta Thompson of ONEOK and Byers Creative for “2019 Open Enrollment Guide”
  • Cherokee Nation and Cherokee Nation Businesses for “Anadisgoi Magazine”
  • Propeller Communications, the City of Broken Arrow and Scrambler Creative for “City of Broken Arrow Bond Issue Voter Guide”
  • Catharine Brierre of ONEOK for “Investor Relations Monthly”
  • Jennifer Rector and Ashley Cleveland for “ONE Gas Annual Report”
  • Tulsa City-County Library Public Relations Team for “Summer Reading Event Guide”
  • Beth Harris of Walmart for “The Scoop Internal Newsletter”
  • Cherokee Nation Businesses for “Where the Casino Money Goes”
  • Resolute PR for “Community Brookside Launch”
  • Becky Carver, Noel Freeman, Leah Harper and Michelle Singer of IABC/Tulsa, PRSA and AMA, respectively, for “2018 Communicators Summit”
  • Byers Creative for “Tulsa Regional Chamber 2019 Annual Meeting Event Graphics” – in addition to an award of excellence in the Special Events category, this entry also won an award of merit in Audio/Visual.

Awards of Merit were presented to:

  • Keith Isbell of Williams for “Gulf Connector: Right Way, Right Results”
  • Paige Cole, Kelli Gebbia, Susan Simpson, Nicole Nascenzi, Firethief Productions and Saxum for “Williams Recruiting Videos”
  • ONE Gas Customer Communications Team for “Winter Preparation Campaign”
  • Rachel Weaver Smith of Bailey Medical Center “Bailey Bariatric Kitchen”
  • Resolute PR and Tulsa International Airport for “Fly Tulsa: What’s Non-Stopping You?”
  • Becky Carver and Megan Patterson for “2017 ONEOK Annual Report”
  • Helmerich & Payne Communications for “Social Media Program Launch”
  • Michael McCulloh of ONE Gas for “Life Lessons From Eugene Harris”

Sponsors of the IABC/Tulsa 2019 Bronze Quill Awards included Helmerich & Payne, Cherokee Nation Businesses, ONEOK, Williams, Byers Creative, Miller Photography and Ridgeback Studio.

Follow these steps to view your scores and the judges’ comments:

1.      Log in to the online award system.

2.      Go to View/Pay Entries, this will bring you to a view with all the entries you submitted.

3.      Click on “Link” in the Details column for whichever entry you would like to review. You will be able to see your scores in each area as well as judges’ comments on your work plan and work samples.

Scores listed in this view may be rounded up to a whole number. However, half numbers were accepted from judges. If you have any questions, email