Meet Justin Rushing

He’s one of the newest members of IABC/Tulsa and just attended his first IABC event – the 2010 World Conference in Tornoto. This month we learn more about Justin Rushing from Walmart’s Global Associate Communications team in Bentonville, Ark.

IABC/Tulsa: How long have you been a member of IABC?
Justin: Just a little over two months.

IABC/Tulsa: What is the best IABC meeting/seminar/conference you have ever attended?
Justin: My first IABC event was last month’s World Conference in Toronto. It was an amazing experience, thanks to all of the different types of classes and networking. Of all the different speakers, I most enjoyed hearing from Guy Kawasaki and Craig Kielburger. After the conference, I returned to work feeling re-energized and highly motivated. If that happens to everyone else who attends, I don’t know why you wouldn’t want to go!   

IABC/Tulsa: You work on a team responsible for communicating with Walmart’s more than 2 million associates. What do you love about it?
Justin: Since Walmart is such a big company, we have so many opportunities available to us as associates. On my current team, I love the variety of work that allows me to learn new skills and meet new people working in all areas of our company. It’s also really fulfilling to have the ability to directly impact millions of people through our communications efforts.

IABC/Tulsa: You’ve only been a member for two months, but has IABC helped with your professional development so far?
Justin: It’s been great to help me connect with professionals working in communications for organizations other than my own company.

IABC/Tulsa: What do you like to do in your spare time?
Justin: I like to read, and I’m always reading at least three books – something around professional development, a good fiction novel and a nonfiction piece. Right now I’m reading “48 Laws of Power,” “Pirate Latitudes” and a book about the sinking of the Andrea Doria. The last one is fascinating to me because I also love to scuba dive and spend many weekends below the surface of Beaver Lake here in Northwest Arkansas.

IABC/Tulsa: What’s your favorite restaurant?
Justin: I know most people reading this are probably in Tulsa. But one of my favorite spots is Hugo’s in Fayetteville, Ark. Come over and give it a try sometime!

IABC/Tulsa: The future of the field of communications…
Justin: … will require us to have a global mindset and also the ability to successfully utilize different types of channels.

IABC/Tulsa: What advice would you give to communications professionals who are just entering the workforce?
Justin: Be confident about your abilities and never shy away from an opportunity to try something new.

Each month, IABC/Tulsa features one of its members in the “Meet A Member” section of the newsletter. If you’re interested in being highlighted, contact Shannon Frederick, IABC/Tulsa’s Communications Chair.


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