President’s Column

Were you on Facebook in November? If so, your news feed was probably muddled every day with your friends’ public displays of gratitude for all of the good things in their lives. 

You might have even participated in this social media phenomenon.

I did not. But, let me be clear, that my reluctance to dedicating the 25 days leading up to Thanksgiving to Facebook proclamations of thankfulness doesn’t mean I’m not grateful. In fact, my Facebook friends made me think. You see, I have a long list of blessings – and, as it turns out, many of them are tied to this wonderful chapter. Here are just a few of my favorite moments:

  1. Receiving a note from now Past President Steve Higgins with the news that IABC/Tulsa had won the 2011 Small Chapter of the Year Award. And, after some back-and-forth email prodding, finally getting him to share he had also won the International Chapter Leader of the Year Award.
  2. Convincing IABC President Julie Freeman to visit Green Country to talk about the future of the profession. Little did we know that Tulsa would be one of the last chapters Julie would visit during her tenure as the head of the international organization. The announcement of her retirement, effective Dec. 31, came just a few days after she returned home to San Francisco, following her visit to our monthly meeting.
  3. Along with Amethyst Cavallaro, having the honor of representing IABC/Tulsa at the October Southern Region Conference board meeting. After we shared a long list of all of the great things happening with our chapter, hearing Elena Martinez, chair of the region, exclaim “That’s why Tulsa is the Small Chapter of the Year, folks!”
  4. Watching Angela Byers, Lucia O’Connor and a slew of willing volunteers pull off one of the most successful Bronze Quill ceremonies in our chapter’s history. Angela later shared that 97 percent of those who entered their work into the competition received an award. Though we didn’t need any proof that there is an extremely high caliber of talent in Tulsa, we got it anyways!
  5. Presenting the pin and certificate of IABC accreditation to Tracy Harlow, a dear colleague, mentor and friend to many of us, and who has always been an accredited business communicator in my book.

Of course, I would be remiss to exclude the bit about leading an amazing executive board that is dedicated to the development and growth of every single one of our members and potential members. This board includes: Dena Wind, Tom Droege, Amethyst Cavallaro, Stephanie Cole, Megan Lewis, Lucia O’Connor, Summer Austin, Rachel Payne, Phillip Harris, Jennifer Pigeon, Angela Byers – and also Ginger Homan and Nathan Harmon because we won’t let them not be part of the group.

Finally, in the spirit of the season, thanks to all of you who have supported our chapter in 2011 by attending a meeting, entering a Bronze Quill, coming to OkieSMart, raising a glass at Happy Hour, etc. We wouldn’t keep doing this if it weren’t for you.

Happy New Year. See you in 2012!

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