Meet a Member featuring Brittany Anicetti

Title: Communications Consultant

Company: ONEOK

Why do you love your job? Gosh, so many reasons: the awesome and talented people on my team that I get to work with and learn from every day; that I am always learning something new, either about myself, my colleagues, my profession or the energy industry; the collaborative nature of my role; the range of skills and projects my position demands, including writing and editing, designing and videography; and that I’m part of an organization that encourages development and is committed to diversity and inclusion.

How long have you been a member of IABC? I’ve been a member of IABC/Tulsa for about a year, and I have enjoyed networking with other professionals in the area and becoming a stronger communicator.

Have you ever served on an IABC Board? I have not had the opportunity to serve on the board.

What is the best IABC meeting/conference you have attended? Why? I really enjoyed Rhett Laubach’s “Presentation Secrets from a Presentation Expert.” Even as a professional communicator, giving presentations can be daunting, but Rhett’s message helped me to further realize the preparation and behaviors that create a successful presentation.

How has IABC played a part in your professional development? Learning from other professionals in our field is invaluable to continually improving the quality of my work. Sharing and learning from others’ successes and failures are extremely helpful in the work we do.

What is your favorite thing to do outside of work? At home, we have a five-pound Chiweenie (Chihuahua/Dachshund mix) named Nugget (Nuggy for short) and a much larger Aussie/Border Collie mix named Loki. He lives up to his name. Doing anything with the two of them is the best.

What’s your favorite vacation spot? I spent six weeks in Italy while studying abroad during college, and while it wasn’t technically vacation, in Italy, you’re always on “Italian time.” The people, the food and the places are amazing. I hope to visit again in the near future.

Who is your favorite musical artist? Not much beats a good album by The Rolling Stones (If you haven’t listened to its latest Blue & Lonesome, a covers album, I highly recommend that you do). I was lucky enough to see them in Dallas last year, and they haven’t slowed down a bit.

Which website do you visit daily? Monday through Friday, I most likely visit at least once a day. It’s a great resource if you are not already using it. I get most of my news at (Sorry, my internet browsing isn’t too exciting.)

What is your favorite restaurant? I have too many favorites. The best I can do is narrow it down to three: Chimera and Dalesandro’s in downtown Tulsa and The Tropical at 49th and Memorial.

How will we recognize you at the next IABC function? I’m an introvert, so I’m the quiet one (I’m working on it).

Complete the following: The future of the field of communications is…exciting. I look forward to seeing new faces and ideas emerge in our field.

What advice would you give to new communications professionals? There are always opportunities to be a better communicator. Find them, and your work will thank you.

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