Meet a Member

Each month, IABC/Tulsa features one of its members in the “Meet A Member” section of the newsletter. This month, we learn more about Rick Ayre, who has held just about every position on the chapter’s board of directors at some point or another. Today, he quietly supports IABC/Tulsa behind-the-scenes, helping with the upkeep of our website.  

IABC/Tulsa: How long have you been with IABC?
Rick: I have been a member of IABC for 12 years. All with IABC/Tulsa.

IABC/Tulsa: Tell us about the work you’ve done on the Board.
Rick: I have served on the IABC/Tulsa board in several roles – marketing/communications, professional development and president. I also have had the pleasure of serving on several bronze quill committees. I have supported the district and then the region websites. 

IABC/Tulsa: What is the best meeting/seminar/conference you have ever attended?
Rick: I have attended a couple regional conferences and one international conference. Although both are exceptional opportunities to learn from communications experts, the international conference was by far the best. The quality of speakers was very good, but the opportunity to meet other communication professionals from around the world and learn from their expertise really added to the experience.

IABC/Tulsa: How has IABC played a part in your professional development?
Rick: IABC has provided leadership opportunities I might not otherwise have had. Its publications, research foundation, conferences and chapter meetings give many opportunities to continue to learn.

IABC/Tulsa: Ok, so you clearly love IABC. Now tell us why you love your job – the one that pays the bills.
Rick: I’m the manager of Electronic Communications at ONEOK, which is great for me. Throughout my career I have always been in a role that has let me take advantage of technology and new trends to assist in achieving communication initiatives. 

IABC/Tulsa: When you’re not working, what do you like to do?
Rick: When not working I will usually have a camera in my hands. I enjoy photographing about anything – landscapes, still life and plants and flowers in Tana’s, my wife, gardens. Lately I have been focusing on details.

IABC/Tulsa: What’s your favorite restaurant?
Rick: My favorite place to eat is at home. Tana is a terrific cook and is always trying a new recipe. When we do go out we will meet up with Leon and Cindy Bolen at El Fogon in Owasso. Good Mexican food and a spicy green salsa that is addicting. 

IABC/Tulsa: Favorite musical artist?
Rick: I like variety – jazz, piano and classic rock – so I do not have a favorite artist. I will go with Four Play, David Lanz and Led Zeppelin. 

IABC/Tulsa: Favorite movie?
Rick: Can a favorite be three movies? If so, then the Bourne series is my favorite. I watch them whenever on TV. 

IABC/Tulsa: The future of the field of communications…
Rick: …is not that different than 10, 20 or 50 years ago. People want information. They want it in a timely manner. They want it to be open and honest. The tools we use may be different, but the basic premise is the same.

What will change and become ever more challenging will be meeting expectations for information immediacy. 

IABC/Tulsa: What advice would you give to communications professionals who are just entering the workforce?
Rick: Never stop learning. No matter how long you are in this business, there will always be new trends, technologies and research to understand and apply.

And love what you do. If you don’t, find another field.

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