Communicating Change: The Vital Role of the Business Communicator
Online sessions: Feb. 5 – Mar. 19
On-site session: Mar. 26, Atlanta

Experienced business communicators play a key role in major change projects in their companies or their clients. They benefit from having a deep and full exposure to the role of communication in change and the positioning of communication within a proven change management model.

This course is based on Managed Change™, a change management model that has been proven effective in all parts of the world. It will lay out the foundational principles and process of a well-managed change and position the communication element as a key component.

This foundation will be achieved through a set of six one hour e-learning modules reinforced with weekly real-time online web sessions. Upon completion of the Managed Change e-lesson participants will attend a one-day facilitated workshop focusing specifically on the tools and techniques of change communication and call upon the experience and expertise of the participants to apply those learning to their own situations.

As a result of attending this course you will be able to:

  • Identify the core change communication principles based on a proven change management model: Managed Change;
  • Position change communication in the change management process as a tool to prevent or reduce the risk of resistance;
  • Demonstrate the use of change communication tools and templates to build a comprehensive communication strategy for changes of all size and impact.

Register at: http://www.iabc.com/education/ws/cc/program.htm

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