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There’s never been a better time to join IABC. Whether you’re a corporate communicator, independent consultant, academic or student, IABC has the resources, connections and learning opportunities you need to move your career forward. We give you the ability to connect to a global communication network, stay informed about emerging trends and best practices, learn from top experts, gain recognition for your outstanding work and join a community of communication professionals around the world who are striving to be the best in the profession.
Benefits of Membership

Connect, learn and make new friends with communication professionals in your area by joining a local IABC chapter. Attend meetings, take advantage of professional development opportunities, and even find your next job.

A multi-day event held annually to provide an opportunity for IABC members and non-members alike to learn from experts in a multitude of communication areas, while also networking with colleagues who attend from around the world.

The only global program designed to recognize the broadest spectrum of communicators. Each year hundreds of applicants submit their best work in areas as diverse as branding, research, employee engagement and social media.

By partnering with known experts in specific fields, The IABC Academy offers webinars, online workshops and face-to-face training that help you stay current on topics that are important for professional and personal growth.

The current Communication Management Professional (CMP) certificiation corresponds to the Generalist/Specialist career level as outlined in the IABC Career Road Map. Future levels will be developed on a timely basis. IABC members receive significant discounts on all certification application fees.

Discover your next career opportunity through IABC’s online Job Center. Search by keyword, location, or job type and find hundreds of communication jobs at all levels of experience.

How Much Does Membership Cost?
  • New (or Lapsed Members)
  • $304 (plus $40 application fee)
  • Join Now
Corporate Memberships

Corporate packages allow groups from companies to either take advantage of group discounts or receive extra value at a premium price. IABC offers four types of corporate packages; three of these offer discounts, while the fourth offers premium value at a premium price. Members become corporate package members when a payment is received for the package. (Packages must be paid with a single check or one charge to a credit card.)

  • Bronze
  • $300 per person
  • 5 to 15 members
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  • Silver
  • $290 per person
  • 16 to 30 members
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  • Gold
  • $275 per person
  • 31 to 74 members
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Other Ways to Enroll

Join/Renew by Phone
If you wish to join or renew by phone, contact the Member Relations Team at or 1.800.776.4222 (from the U.S. and Canada).

Join/Renew by Fax or Mail
If you prefer to join or renew by fax or mail, please fill out the membership application form and return it to IABC.

You may also split your dues into four monthly payments.